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Wonderland Studios and Coyote Music have partnered to form Texas Time Artist Services. Texas Time Artist Services (TTAS) is a unique artist development, booking, consulting, production, marketing and promotional company based in Austin, TX. We provide select bands and artists a wide-range of services to help promote, record CD's, book shows/tours, market and develop themselves and continually move their music career forward.

We are passionate about working with talented bands/artists and providing services that help get them to that next level of artistic growth. From experience, we've seen that every band or artist is unique and requires different customized plans, consultation, development of their performances/songs/band, creative marketing and well-timed and effective promotional campaigns.

Texas Time Artist Services and it's business partners maintain a high reputation by working with extremely talented bands and artists, and professional music industry contacts. We're always scouting for bands and artists that have all the necessary elements for a successful music career. These elements include dedication, stage presence, high level of musicianship, true talent, great material, and a good work ethic. Over the years, the owners of TTAS have been involved in almost every aspect of artists' careers. Our main concern with every band or artist that we take on as a client, is successful career development and artistic growth -- helping them get to where they want to be with their career.

Be realistic, you're not going to be a huge star tomorrow, but work every day towards your goals, get a step closer to where you want to be!
-- Eric McKinney, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios, Texas Time Records

Do something everyday to move your career forward.
-- Wiley Koepp, Coyote Music, Texas Time Artist Services

You and your music business team make your own luck, it doesn't just happen.
-- Tim Casterline, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios

Featured Artist

danya holley picture Danya Holley is a talented upcoming Texas Country Singer-Songwriter, who caught the attention of Eric McKinney (Wonderland Studios, Texas Time Artist Services), due to her drive, strong songwriting, versatile trained voice and charismatic personality. Impressed with her abilities, Eric has been providing career advice and personally co-writing and producing some amazing tracks with her. Together they've amassed enough material for 3 EPs, registered 20+ co-writes together with BMI, soon to be released as her time frees up from other commitements. Eric will continue to personally provide career advice, production aspects and assisting her with breaking into the Texas music scene.

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3.10.2008 Artist Development Company Accepting Submissions From Talented Texas-Based Bands/Artists! (.pdf)